Think, as if there is No Box


Source: Think, as if there is No Box

The title itself is self explanatory. Do I need to tell more. Ah, sorry, it’s just that I am quite tired. Made this site in a whisk of time (which apparently was not the situation).

Well, not being more vague, let me share a real story.

Years back, there was a 15 storied, lean, tall building, “Hughes Estates”, sandwiched  between another two gigantic buildings. The building had different offices given on lease and a helluva of  employees working.

The building started with a couple of companies. With time, the size and the number of companies increased but the building remained of same size (pretty obvious). The building had only one lift which served all the floors. In the days of its inception it sufficed the need of the employees. But later, after more people started using it, the lift was being stopped…

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