Being weird is a side effect of being awesome!

Reading biographies of great people have really led me to believe me that not only am I awesome but I’m a genius in the making 🙂 On a serious note, all geniuses have some fabric of weirdism that runs through the pattern of their life. Enjoy reading the following threads……

leonardo-da-vinci (1)

Leonardo Da Vinci the renowned artist was noted for carrying his notepad around included things like jokes, fables, financial records–even theories on anatomy, flight, and botany.


Andy Warhol the ‘pop art’ maverick was a hoarder of stamps, souvenirs, photographs, and even food, in a cardboard box next to his desk. Many of these hoarded objects made their way into his time capsules.

Salvador Dali

Here’s a fascinating glimpse into the surrealist art works of Salvador Dali ….he took micro naps that lasted about a couple of seconds, he’d hold a key in his hand and when he drifted off to sleep the key would slip and fall on a plate creating a loud *clink* waking him up from his ‘micro nap’. This, apparently, according to him gave his creativity an instant boost.


Beethoven was such a coffee fiend that he would spend a major part of his morning looking for 60 coffee beans to make his favourite cup of java . Apparently, the artist was so picky that he wouldn’t trust anyone to make his first cup of coffee exactly to his liking and continued to brew his cup of coffee with the choicest beans till his last breath.

A R Rahman

A.R. Rahman is known to record music only at nights, compelling well known Bollywood bigwigs to burn their midnight oil in order to belt out chartbusting music

Doesn’t this prove that we’re all more than the patterns of our daily routines and maybe some of these elements of weirdisms embroider themselves in such a way which results in the splendor that is YOU! 🙂


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