These are a few of my favorite….books!

As far as I can tell, I’ve always had a book in my lap, my purse and these days in my laptop bag (probably the laptop and book arguing with each other daily on who’s better lol!). Well, there are some books that are to be internalized and their learnings to be shared with the people at large to put some humanity into humans (*wicked*)!

So here we go, the book that I live by and urge everyone to read it atleast once in their lifetime is

Finding your Element

An elementary school teacher is giving a drawing class to six-year-olds. At the back of the room sits a girl who usually struggles to pay attention. Yet she’s totally absorbed during the art lesson. The teacher is fascinated and after 20 minutes asks the girl what she’s drawing.

“I’m drawing a picture of God,” says the girl without looking up from her masterpiece.

“But nobody knows what God looks like,” says the teacher.

“They will in a minute,” says the girl.

Author Ken Robinson loves telling this story because it reminds us just how confident kids are with their own imaginations. Ask a class of first graders who’s creative and Robinson says every hand will go up. Ask a class of college students and you’ll get far fewer hands. Ask around at work and you’ll be lucky to get a single hand.

He’s peppered the book with numerous life stories that are not only inspiring but completely transforming – if it’s not transformed my life, it sure has transformed my perspective about being in my element!

Here’s an interesting story – my 10 year old niece walked in while watching his ‘TED Video – do schools kill creativity’.  She reads the title and says “yes, that is true” then walks out. She starts 5th grade next week 🙂

This one is a keeper! Stock up!

See you soon with another of my favorite books! Do comment and share favorite book!


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