…time is supposed to move forward,” said Frankie.

“But what if you don’t like what happens?”

“Then…you change it.”

The Marvels


An angel with a lantern. A terrifying shipwreck. A new life, in a new theatre.

Brian Selznick’s latest novel, The Marvels, begins in 1766, with four hundred pages of uninterrupted illustrations spanning a century and a half in the lives of a theatre dynasty. Billy Marvel survives a catastrophic shipwreck as a child and finds himself orphaned and alone in the hands of a new theatre company. Decades later, he finds a baby by the stage door, and raises him as his own son.

Generation after generation of Marvels takes the stage: Marcus; Alexander; Oberon; Leonthes. They are famed and acclaimed Shakespeare performers, and together the Marvels make the Royal Theatre a destination not to be missed. But tragedy must strike once again, and the last…

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