Going Viral


If facebook was a country then it would be the 3rd most populated place on earth. Honestly, when you come to think of it, if the 20th century’s given us Oprah then the 21st century can definitely boast of giving us the Social Media mantra….had it been a fad it would’ve washed out years ago. But the sceptic in me again raises its head and thinks if everyone’s life was as wonderful as they portray on facebook then all the shrinks would be out of business…but therein lies the beauty…you can be whatever you want, say whatever you want AND GET AWAY WITH IT…YEAH.
Never before could I imagine stars being made by videos going viral…a la Justin Bieber or entire communities rising in support of some popular people’s movement.
The business opportunities that Social media presents is a different management branch altogether now. Millions are being spent on creating sophisticated analytical tools to measure and calculate the impact of every ‘Like’, ‘Retweet’, and business forecasts being formulated…..hmmmm is this the Cosmic Connection the yogis spoke out ages ago or is there a method to this madness? Looking forward to your thoughts…

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